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New Work/Landscape Paintings by Bart Arnold

Aug 6, 2011 – Sep 5, 2011

Bart Arnold is perhaps best known as an abstract painter and jewelry artist whose work combines clean lines with complex textures, colors, and/or patinas. He established his style as a non-objective painter while living in New York and working toward his MFA at NYU and has been developing it for the past four decades. Concurrently, Bart has also been occasionally working in a “realist” mode, painting scenic mural commissions and making drawings and watercolors of scenes and objects.

In this show, Lauren Clark will present a recently completed series of Arnold’s small acrylic paintings. The show is entitled “Places” as each work depicts a location, a mood, a time of day, etc. Says Bart, “I decided to take a break from the self-imposed rigors of pure formalism and use, as subject matter, places that interest me visually. These began as an exercise, a discipline, a different way of looking and of handling the paint.”

Mr. Arnold’s non-objective work has been exhibited in several galleries in the Los Angeles area where he lived for several years as well as others from Houston to Munich. Locally, he has shown at Simon’s Rock, Five Points Gallery, Spazi, Tokonoma Gallery and the Shade Gallery in Lenox among others.

A few examples of Bart’s work:

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