Channing Lefebvre: Associations, October 9

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Associations 113RILauren Clark Fine Art presents “Associations”, over one hundred precise, intricate, visually arresting drawings on paper by Channing Lefebvre, October 9 through November 9. Reception for the Artist
Friday, October 9, 5-8 pm.

A Statement from the Artist:

The “Associations” drawings are the result of the practicing of, or my interest in, many different manual arts. Gilding, calligraphy and illumination, painting and printmaking, box and folio making, bookbinding, model making, marbling, frame making, papermaking and collage have all combined as the resources for translating my visual thoughts through process and materials.

Process implies a focus on the physical properties of materials and the manner of applying them. Each drawing starts with its own particular parameters, which might be informed from one or several different sources. I might be interested in how a particular material, such as ballpoint, gel, watercolor, bronzing powder, inks, pencil, oil, acrylic, etc., might work with the paper I have selected. I consider the paper properties of size, color, weight and feel in translating the idea. Shape, pattern, color, design and execution can be starting points for any drawing.

The actual process of drawing can explore a mechanical repetition of lines or pattern or a more gestural approach of execution. The drawing is about its own activity and how it develops from the original idea. Some drawings start with specific guidelines and stay within those boundaries, while other drawings “take over” and tell me where to go. Sometimes, these parameters can lead to a sense of freedom that allows that to happen.
The physical act of execution, whether repetitively mechanical or gestural, can be a meditative process. Watching lines or color build up slowly through the repetition of my action can have a mesmerizing effect on the eye. It becomes a disciplined pleasure.

Although there are no overt associations with the forms used in the drawings, associations can appear as the drawing progresses. These associations are different for everyone. Interpretation is a consequence of perception. I see a material, substrate or medium and wish to create a visual image of what the combination should look like, while trying to achieve an alluring or arresting quality to the drawings.

John Kouwenhoven, a mathematician said,”… apparently unrelated things become interesting when we start fitting them together.”

Channing Lefebvre

Lauren Clark Fine Art is located at 402 Park Street (Rte. 183), in the heart of Housatonic. The show will run from October 9 through November 9. A reception for the artist will be Friday, October 9, from 5 to 8 in the evening. For directions to the gallery or for more information call 413-274-1432 or visit the website at

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