Core Samples from Earth to the Cosmos

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Core Samples from Earth to the Cosmos
New Work by Julio Granda
July 13 through August 11
Reception for the Artist, July 13, 4-7pm
paintings and collage

Artist Statement

These “totems” are vertical dreamscapes meant to carry the viewer from the deepest depths of Mother Earth to the highest highs of Father Sky and into the possible realms beyond.

This series started on a simple premise triggered by my seascapes from Cape Cod, which are predominantly horizontal in nature. Quite naturally, since the core of most of my problem solving challenges as an artist has involved issues surrounding horizontal and vertical lines, I began to wonder what would happen if I created a VERTICAL seascape, a narrow band that ran from sand to sky? How thin could it be? How high in the sky could I go? To the stars? To other planets? To visual experience beyond imagining? And how deep would it sink? From the water’s surface to seabed? To ocean trench? Down through countless strata
to the core of the earth?

These musings were fueled by a trip to Australia and my face-to-face encounters with Aboriginal art and it’s beautiful, dreamlike quality, as if the artist were floating above the landscape and leisurely recording it’s beauty. From this was a short step to our own dream worlds with their illogical juxtaposition of people and events, their wild shifts in time and place, the abrupt breaks in continuity, all of which seemed normal, natural, and perfectly acceptable in this episodic, dream-walk world.

Like the worlds of the Aborigines or the world of our dreams, these images are intended to be felt and savored rather than explored logically or through the eyes of the seemingly real world.

Julio Granda
April 2013

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