Set of Red & White Cups with Tray

Set of Red & White Cups with Tray

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handmade and hand decorated porcelain teacup and platter


About Jerry Bennett

Porcelain Paper Clay


My work explores form, texture, and pattern, as they interact with light in translucent porcelain. Using very thin high fired porcelain, I form each piece individually by hand-building, and painting the surface with engobes or colored clay, hand-painted and fired under a clear glaze.  No attempt is made to make the floral pattern look realistic or life-like.  The pattern, color and line are the important part of the decoration.  


By using fibers mixed with the wet porcelain, I have been exploring very thin, highly textures surfaces.  This technique of paper or fiber clay, which to my knowledge has rarely been done allows for many unique visual opportunities.  The challenge is to make modern objects that reflect this contrasting view of traditional forms with a unique material.