Hemingway I

Hemingway I

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mixed media on paper, 12" x 17"

About Janet Richardson-Baughman

“My work is a balance between abstract, landscape and floral imagery. Bits of my past combine with my present vision to explore the textured shapes within the form. Much of my inspiration comes from patterns and structures in my surrounding landscape. Working in a series allows me the development of the imagery and the excitement of color exploration. I appreciate the relationships with each other and the personifications and connotations of the forms keep me intrigued”

A Michigan native, Janet Richardson Baughman earned her BFA from Central Michigan University and received a MFA in ceramics from Indiana State University.

After graduation, she returned to Michigan and taught art in local colleges for several years while continuing her studio work. She developed a series of elegant vessels, contemporary sculptures and large three-dimensional clay tile “paintings” that were met with much success. Her work was recognized by national representation and it was time to become a full time studio artist.

When Janet joined with her artist husband, John Baughman, they opened Marshwood Studios and she expanded her media to include pastels. From that time on, she devoted herself to developing an impressive range of work in mixed media, collage and painting. Whether the subject is abstract, floral or landscape, she brought the same sophisticated understanding of line, texture and shape of her ceramic work to the surfaces of paper and canvas.

Janet lived with her partner in life and art on their small horse farm. Riding dressage and working together in their studio made a perfect partnership.

Jan enjoyed continued success and recognition with exhibitions, gallery representation and placement of her work in many residential, commercial and corporate settings.