Climbing Up III

Climbing Up III

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mixed media on paper, 7" x 7"

About Joan Hayes

Joan Terese Hayes is a nationally recognized watercolor and acrylic painter featured in dozens of art galleries throughout the United States. Known for her paintings of nature, landscapes and seascapes, she paints various settings ranging from a calm blue day to a daunting storm passing, thus captivating the viewer on her various representations of nature.

First exposed to the arts as a teenager through a gift of painting lessons by her older sister, Joan has grown immensely in her craft. Taking art lessons in High School, supplemented by odd jobs, and going forward to study fine art at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, and interior design and fine art at the Mississippi University for Women, Joan’s ever evolving understanding and implementation of art has become a sounding board for her work, and for her role as an art dealer in the present.  

 Joan was born in Burlington, Vermont, and returned to her native state after three decades of living in several other states. She currently resides on the Champlain Islands where she maintains her art studio.