Black And White Reticello Vase

Black And White Reticello Vase

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hand-blown glass, 6" tall x 5" diameter


Black and white blown glass striped vase adorned with with DNA helix swirls.

About Sam Stang

Over the course of four decades, Sam Stang has explored new and old techniques, pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.  Stang’s glass-making is skilled in every technique.  Drawing inspiration from the world around him, Sam uses color and form to capture the imagination, integrating functional with modern design to create artisanal works of art.

All of Sam's pieces are made using traditional European glassblowing techniques. He has been inspired by African trade beads, mid-century Italian and Scandinavian design as well as by nature. Each piece is entirely produced at the furnace using only molten glass, without the use of molds, glue or paint.