T.L. Lange studied drawing and painting at Winthrop University at Rock Hill, SC.  After a brief stint in Atlanta, he moved to North Carolina where he maintained his home and atelier until his untimely death at the age of thirty six.

According to Lange, he started his work with “concrete visions”, and actually began several paintings at one time. He tried to allow some form of synchronicity to determine his next decision. As the artist said, “I make marks for the sake of themselves. I create error that I find attractive in all of our everyday lives. However, I leave it hanging three marks shy of discernment. What I mean by that is that I choose that it not be understood or to be scrutinized by its detail or its adherence to reality — only to be seen for its sense and its nostalgic response without my personal sentiment.”

It is important for the viewer to find out the story TL Lange had identified. He wanted them to take the images he had given and create their own narrative. It was his feeling that we all see what we want to see based upon our experience.   A highly skilled artist, TL Lange had exhibited in numerous, prominent galleries in his young career. A condensed list includes Artworks Gallery (Salt Lake City, UT), Art Works (Atlanta, GA), Human Arts Gallery (Atlanta, GA), Landsdell Gallery (Atlanta, GA) and Art Dallas (Dallas, TX), Mary Bell Galleries (Chicago, IL) and Foster White Galleries (Seattle, WA).

TL Lange’s remarkable artwork can be found in many private, corporate, and public collections including Wentworth Galleries, Larson Juhl Frames, and Saks Fifth Avenue Corporation and Microsoft Corporation.

TL Lange passed away on January 23rd, 2002 at age 36.

T.L. Lange

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