For over 15 years Kevin Sprague and the team at Studio Two have been creating bold brands and identities for commercial and institutional clients in the heart of the culture-rich Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts.

Kevin Sprague is also a leading creator of innovative photographs and images in the region. The integration of innovative imaging with design and branding has proven a powerful combination for clients in the region.

He is the Author or “Imagining Shakespeare” about his imaging work for theatre, and “Muse”, a graphic novel, as well as “Viewfinder”, a novel. He is involved in many aspects of the local community, including Berkshire Creative and the Lenox Land Trust. You can view his commercial work at Studio Two.

Kevin’s images can be seen across media in collateral materials, posters, web sites, fine art collections, magazines and book covers. He is the recipient of numerous regional and national awards for imaging and design. Since 2001 Kevin has been expanding into the fine art world. His evolving collection of limited edition prints, entitled “Postmarks” have been widely collected. This series is marked by the digital composition of floral elements with antique correspondence: postcards, notes, envelopes and ephemera. The images that have emerged are both appealing and curious, inviting further exploration. Currently there are 26 different images in the collection, which continues to evolve.

In 2004 Kevin displayed a significantly different body of work, entitled “Tidal Forces”. These large format black and white prints explored an imaginary intersection of water and architecture, with oceans invading cathedrals, private rooms and empty spaces.

Kevin has recently complete work on a project entitled “Muse”. A book-length work incorporating over 87 entirely new panoramic composite images, the book is a completely new novel form, one that tells a story through images, fragmentary text and traditional text elements. This project draws from the tens of thousands of images in Kevin’s digital archive. An expert at digital imaging and photography, Kevin considers the digital realm to be his true creative space. The opportunity to have thousands of images at hand, to be able to bring them together to make something new that is curious, beautiful, mysterious and compelling, is his muse.

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