“Want to come up and see my...?” From woodcuts to broadsides, 17 printmakers make their mark. - November 24-December 24

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November 24 through December 24, 2012

While there are painters, jewelers, and potters, glassblowers, fiber artists and sculptors, it’s the printmaker who stands out as a special type of artist. With the many ways of making fine-art prints, in this lively show of etchings, serigraphs, broadsides, monoprints, monotypes and woodcuts, we celebrate the printmaker.

Etchings, serigraphs, monoprints, monotypes, woodcuts and broadsides by Peter Barger, Mychael Barratt, Jo Barry, Jennifer Bowman, Christian Bozon, Nancy Charles, Jane Cooper, Abby DuBow, Julio Granda, Beki Killorin, Lorraine Klagsbrun, Channing Lefebvre, Carolyn Letvin, Kingsley Parker, Martha Pfanschmidt, Barbara Pihos, and Mitsiuo Shiraishi.

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