SKY SLICE and The Pedestal Series

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New work by Ann Getsinger

Oct 8, 2011 – Nov 7, 2011

“SKY SLICE and The Pedestal Series”

“It’s about objects telling stories, and letting the mind go out and play.”
For the many followers of this longtime Berkshire (and Maine coast) painters work, this exhibit continues the trajectory of the ‘Stillscapes’ first begun in the nineties. Taking real objects and placing them in landscapes of the mind-places drawn from memory, dreams, imagination-she takes the ‘what, where, and when’ and asks ‘Why?

Evident in The Pedestal Series is the painters esteem for variety. Isolating and elevating a single object, it is placed atop something: a block of driftwood; an army helmet; or an upside down wooden salad bowl, etc., where it simply exists in a certain moment. Mining the ordinary for the extraordinary, the painter playfully asks questions as she presents unfolding or unfolded tales.
With the presentation of this body of new work, all lovingly and carefully rendered, the painter invites viewers to step in, take the trip, and wonder.

Born in Waterbury, Connecticut, October 22, 1956, Ann grew up in then rural Watertown, beside a working dairy farm and miles of woods. The youngest of five, she was raised in an atmosphere of creative activity, to the explosive backdrop of the sixties, and with a closeness to nature and agriculture. Every spare moment was spent drawing or horseback riding. She won the Art Award in Junior High and again in High School. Showing an early interest in environmentalism as well as an early horror of all things nuclear, her yearbook quote upon graduation in 1974 was “Take care of the earth.”

“SKY SLICE and The Pedestal Series”,

Reception for the Artist, Saturday, October 8, 4-7pm

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