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A tribute to that all-American icon, The Popsicle, in all flavors and conditions.

Jul 14, 2012 – Aug 13, 2012

It is now official, the twin Popsicle like the Twinkie, and Wonderbread has heard and tasted the bitter death knell. However, lest history forget, artist Geoffrey Moss has grabbed the gauntlet and given homage to America’s beloved historical icy treat, firmly frozen in time at Lauren Clark Fine Art!

Geoffrey Moss is a conceptual artist known for his colorful and quirky choice of subjects ranging from Chinese acrobat sofas, Eroticism, Flying Dogs, Phantoms & Saints, Tides and Optical Machines. On Saturday July 14, Lauren Clark Fine Art will launch Moss’s tribute to that all-American icon, The Popsicle, in all flavors and conditions. Followers of Moss’s work will remember being charmed by his three Sheeptacular creations, a Hewespaper, and a Rocketsheep, created as fundraisers under the auspices of the national Cowparade project. Most significantly to the artist at that time, a Sheepsicle, dominating in mascot proportions the lawn of Pittsfield’s Berkshire Museum was a vote of confidence, as is common to most artists, to explore further.

According to Moss, there’s a back-story to that first “double stick” Pittsfield installation. “My friend Peg Wieldlein, gifted me two ‘frozen’ treat facsimiles; an orange wax popsicle and a melting vanilla and chocolate pop…unfortunately the rubber chocolate actually disintegrated melting beyond its intentional illusion in NY city’s toxic air; should have kept in my Berkshire studio. The Sheepsicle only deepened my curiosity of how things look and work and react. Then again, I emerged as a working artist in late sixties, certainly American “Pop” and its forerunner DADA were of the moment purposely unadorned icons, trendy, strong enough to stand the test of time centered in your face, icons led by Warhol, and Oldenburg, Thiebaud, and even Hopper’s early salutes to Mobil’s Pegasus, and Chop Suey.”

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