Anni Maliki Collection Jewelry Trunk Show & Reception for the Artist

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Lauren Clark Fine Art launches the Anni Maliki Collection-an exclusive array of Anni’s new, original signature jewelry designs patiently brought to light by her small team of brilliant Javanese silversmiths.

Join Anni as we kick off her dynamic jewelry collection with a festive evening of holiday shopping and good cheer, Saturday, December 8, from 4-7pm.

Anni Crofut grew up in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, and went on to spend many years in Indonesia with her Javanese husband Mel and their two sons. During these years she designed high-end crafts, blending traditional Indonesian arts with a western aesthetic. In 2007, Anni drew on her connections to top international jewelry designers living in Bali by representing their collections to a US market. Now, with the launching of Anni Maliki, she rightfully claims her place as a designer to be recognized.

Anni enjoys skipping between ways and worlds. She seeks to translate her passion for a life that is eclectic and non-linear into vibrant jewelry for her Collection – designs that connect the dots, both within herself, and within those who wear them.

Says Anni of her work, “When an idea for a design arrives, I sketch it out. Soon I’m seated beside one of our beloved Javanese silversmiths, speaking Indonesian, reading cultural cues, holding the piece up in front of me to see how it moves. Each piece must dance, somehow, through its texture, color or pattern, the way it swings on a hinge, a joint or a link, or perhaps simply in the way it falls from the ear or contours the wrist. Each piece must have a choreography to it – some echo of nature’s unbeatable shadows, swings, arcs, twists, light. Through design, I experience my love of nature, dance, language, cultures, color, breath, and beauty. Through design, I feel the dots of my life connect”."Pebbles and Waves" necklace

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