Abby DuBow, "Explorations: New Directions", July 5-July 30

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Please join us for a reception for the artist Saturday, July 14, 4-7pm.

As an artist I deal with relationships. Relationships that I have to the world, community, environment, family, and friends. I also deal with the relationship I have with myself at any given time. My art, whether I’m painting, drawing, printing, or sculpting reflects these relationships. I use my environment and my observations in my work. It is therefore, inevitably, autobiographic.

I feel that my art is about life and its contradictions. I look for objects that talk to me and either use them as is, or transform them in my work. For me art is not an end but a constant beginning, a path that continues to lead to new places with doors that have to be opened. It is a process that creates joy, that demands hard work, and can be filled with both frustration as well as satisfaction.

I enjoy working with a wide variety of two and three-dimensional materials, which include oils, acrylics, pastels, inks, encaustics and a wide variety of, found objects. I am currently very focused on learning all the possibilities and techniques of etching on copper plates. I am working on combining the nuance and intricacy of etching with the spontaneity and variety of monotype and collograph. It allows me to draw, collage, and build up layers in the creation of one of a kind prints.

Art has its own voice and often takes me in unexpected directions. I like exploring the possibilities of accidents. It’s challenging and exciting to engage and work with the unexpected. Making art is a necessity for me. It aids me in sorting out and distilling the world around me. I do not replicate what I see, but rather reflect what I see and feel. For me, creating art is an emotional process. I cannot separate my feelings from my work. Yet I am always struggling to distill these feelings and find universal and concise ways of visualizing emotions.

Abby DuBow

June 2018

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